AMG History

AMG, once an independent tuning company, was founded in 1967 by two Daimler-Benz engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. The legendary company started out as a developer of racing products. In the early years, Aufrecht and Melcher recognized an increasing demand among a wider audience to have their everyday Mercedes Benz’s modified. Their customer base started to grow instantly. The research, development and in-depth knowledge generated on the track was invaluable, and translated well to the customers seeking more performance from their Mercedes.

By 1976 AMG had outgrown its small humble garage at the “Old Mill”, in a village of Burgstall, and relocated to Affalterbach. Evolving rapidly, AMG’s product line also continued to grow, and soon it was developing refined products to complement each new Mercedes model introduced to the market. Customers not only expected performance refinements, but interior and styling amenities were equally as important. Along with engine modifications came options like aerodynamic spoilers, upgrade suspensions, hand-stitched custom interiors, champagne coolers, Recaro seating, added burl trims, and audio system upgrades. Anything the customer could dream up, AMG was there to provide.

It was in 1986, when AMG put together something very special. The sedan of the time. Everything AMG had learned and developed to date was incorporated in a W124 chassis -and with the launch of this vehicle, AMG became a household name. Mercedes took notice and considered the growing importance of having a performance division. After years of unofficial affiliation, limited agreements and partnerships, in 1999 Daimler Chrysler acquired AMG. The company is still based in Affalterbach, producing hand-built performance engines and developing a celebrated line of AMG-branded high-performance automobiles.

The history this website aims to capture is centered on the early years of AMG. The pre-merger years. The Classic years.

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